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Show your love for the outdoors with the Realtree® Antler Contour-Cut Decal.

  • Adhesive vinyl graphic
  • Premasked for easy installation
  • Applies to any smooth surface

Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.


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  • Mild Soap & Water Mixture, Window Cleaner or Alcohol - to clean the surface.
  • Lint Free Paper Towel or Cloth – to dry the surface.
  • Squeegee or Credit Card – for applying vinyl
  • Air Release Tool – to remove any trapped air bubbles that may form.
  • Hobby Knife (OFLA or XACTO knife) – for trimming away excess vinyl.
  • The first step in any successful application is cleaning your Realtree® Camo Graphics Project before Installation.
  • Clean outside of window thoroughly with Window Cleaner, Isopropyl Alcohol or a Mild Soap and Water solution.
  • Use Lint-Free Towels to dry surface and remove any excess liquid or dirt around edges.
  • Make sure all stickers are removed from the decal area.
  • Once the Glass Area is Clean and Dry, you can apply the Realtree® Camo Graphics Window Decal.
RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION CONDITIONS: Whenever possible, try to apply graphics indoors in a controlled environment, such as a covered car bay or garage. Doing so will not only help you control the temperature (ideally between 70°F and 80°F), but also reduce the amount of wind, dust and other contaminates that may hinder the install process. Make sure your bay or garage is as clean as possible from dust or debris that may happen to circulate during your install (mop floor and dust with a damp cloth) before bringing in the surface for the vinyl application.

If you must do your install outside, grab a friend and choose a non-windy day that is between 60°F and 90°F, with a surface temperature over 45°F (use water to cool surface) to insure the adhesive bond forms correctly.

  1. Clean & Dry Application Area.
  2. Position Decal in desired location and secure with tape.
  3. Carefully peel backing from back of decal.
  4. Firmly smooth decal on surface using squeegee or credit card.
  5. All Decals have a clear masking on top to assist in the installation of the Decal, carefully remove from front of decal.
  6. Avoid using High Pressure washing or brushes around Decal area.
CAMOUFLAGE CARE TIPS: Use soap and water to clean graphics. Do Not use a pressure washer on graphics as this can cause them to rip and peel away. Do Not wax the graphics; it will only cause damage to them.
HOW TO REMOVE: Heat the Decal with Heat gun or Hair Dryer for several seconds and continue to heat as you peel the material from the surface on a 120° angle. Any residue can be removed with a Citrus Based remover or Alcohol.
Sizing Chart

Small Window Decal = 3.5” x 5.5”

Large Window Decal = 10” x 16.5”