Realtree Seafood Boil


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Realtree Seafood Boil

Straight from the Cajun kitchens of Southern Louisiana, our seafood boil offers a true cajun flavor to your seafood boils. Add some southern zing to your boils! (4lbs Jar)

This “Dump’n Boil” package will perfectly season approximately 1 sack of crawfish (35-40 pounds), 50-60 pounds of Shrimp or 1 hamper of Crabs (5-7 dozen) depending on size. 

1.  Place 7 gallons of water and contents of package to cover Seafood and Fixings. In a large cooking pot/container (60-120 qt) add contents of package, stir and bring to a boil. Add seafood to boiling mixture, stir, cover and return to boil. 

2. Once pot comes to a boil Cook for the time shown in the chart below. Turn off heat, add 16 small ears of frozen corn on top of seafood to kill the boil.  Allow to Soak according to chart below or until desired Flavor.

Cook Time Soak Time
Crawfish 5 Minutes 15-30 Minutes
Crabs 6 Minutes 15-30 Minutes
Shrimp 1 Minute 5 Minutes

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