Camouflage Patterns

  • Realtree EDGE™ Camo


    Hunting comes with a lot of challenges. Being confident you're concealed shouldn’t be one of them. Introducing new Realtree EDGE™, the first camo pattern that allows you to blend into your hunting environment at close range, with natural elements arranged in a way to disrupt the human form at a distance.

  • Realtree Timber™ Camo


    When it comes to dedication, heritage and tradition no other outdoor pursuit comes close to waterfowl hunting. Built off the foundations of past Realtree camouflage patterns we took advantage of new advances in technology and printing allowing us to create a revolutionary new waterfowl pattern that is truly Carved from the Delta: Realtree Timber™. Our most effective and lifelike camo pattern for flooded timber, it’s time to Own the Flyway.

  • Realtree Xtra® Camo

    Its 12 warm, natural colors and 3D pattern blend effectively in fall, winter, and early spring.

    The Xtra in Realtree Xtra stands for extra effectiveness in the field. This new camo pattern blends perfectly year round in a variety of habitats. It blends best from the leaf change of fall through winter, then again in early spring before green-out.

  • Realtree® Max-5 HD

    Maximum effectiveness for your waterfowl success.

    Built with waterfowlers in mind, new Realtree MAX-5 is filled with cattails, reeds, cane and grasses to blend into flooded marshes. Plus corn, wheat, oats and sunflowers to hide you in open fields. It has branches, twigs and leaves that work in flooded timber. And with open areas that mimic mud, water, bark and shadows, MAX-5 literally adds another layer of invisibility to camo – no matter where or how you use it.

  • Realtree Xtra® Green Camo

    In early fall season and any time the situation calls for green, this 3D pattern delivers.

    Named for its extra effectiveness, Realtree Xtra Green camo is the best early-season pattern on the market. Use it from early fall bowhunting, muzzle loading and gun seasons until the leaves change, and then again from mid to late spring. It’s also perfect any time the season or situation calls for green camo.



    One of the most popular hunting camo patterns. 

  • Realtree® Xtra Color Snow

    When the landscape is white, get the best camouflage pattern for snow.

    With Realtree® Xtra Color Snow camouflage you’ll be ready when that monster buck appears in range. The weather outside can be frightful, but you’ll be ready with white camo that’s designed to work. 

  • Realtree MAX-1® Camo

    One of the best Realtree camo patterns for all the places deer and antelope roam.

    Realtree MAX-1 camo lets hunters in broad terrain melt into their surroundings. MAX-1 camo combines the perfect balance of neutral earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock, sage and open zones—with just a hint of shadow detail for added depth and realism. Use the versatile Realtree MAX-1 camo pattern as your go-to for hunting sage-covered hillsides, mesquite flats, croplands and wide-open prairies. Also choose it for deserts and rocky terrain. 

  • Realtree® Max-4 HD

    Realtree MAX-4® dominates the waterfowl market for one main reason: Ducks ignore it.

    Realtree MAX-4® wetlands camo is one of the most successful duck hunting camo patterns ever designed. It is the culmination of Bill Jordan’s years of experience creating and marketing camo designs. The MAX-4 camo design features cattails, millet, milo, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, and a variety of other plant life. The pattern offers maximum effectiveness as waterfowl camo in any open terrain—without geographical limitations. It is the largest camo artwork on the market.

  • Realtree® All Purpose HD

    Realtree AP® works just about everywhere a hunter needs to hide.

    Realtree AP camo is neutral, open, contrasty, and realistic. Everything a hunting camo needs to be versatile and effective.

  • Realtree® All Purpose Green

    Hide-and-seek with a turkey calls for a great green pattern. Hunters around the world are upping their odds with Realtree APG®.

    Realtree APG® is lighter, more open, more neutral-toned, and more contrasty than the competition. It’s an ideal turkey hunting camo. The pattern is like Realtree AP®, but with olive green accents added. Realtree APG camo offers even more concealment options in early fall and spring.

  • Realtree Original

    The Original Classic Returns!

    Realtree fans still see this great pattern as one of the most effective camo patterns ever created for when you are tucked up close to a tree when hunting waterfowl in flooded timber, turkey hunting in early spring, or sitting in your tree stand. 

Realtree® Xtra Colors

Even when you’re not in the woods, show your true colors with Realtree® Xtra Colors.

Colored camo shows your true colors. Reveal your wild side out on the town with Realtree® Xtra Colors colored camouflage. Express yourself anytime, anywhere.

All Available Colors

Xtra Color Blaze

Xtra Color Red

Xtra Color Sea Glass

Xtra Color Blue

Xtra Color Black

Realtree Fishing™

Lake, pond or stream fishing. Inshore or offshore. We have a color that fits your adventure.

All Available Colors

Realtree Fishing Bright Blue and Green

Realtree Fishing Blue and Turquoise

Realtree Fishing Bright Ocean

Realtree Fishing Bright Red

Realtree Fishing Light Blue

Realtree Fishing Light Chartreuse

Realtree Fishing Light Turquoise

Realtree Fishing Purple

Realtree Fishing Red, White, and Blue

Realtree Fishing Gray and Chartreuse

Realtree Fishing Gray and Cyan

Realtree Fishing Gray and Orange

Realtree Fishing Gray and Pink

Realtree Fishing Gray and Red

Realtree Fishing Gray and Yellow